78 x 119 cm / 200 dpi / CMYK / 140 MB
each pic 6,3cm wide, texts under images are tiny but readable)
Text written at the bottom:

ITS first 101 phenomena between POLIGNANO+BARI+ HITTISAU+ ANDELSBUCH+BEZAU+LECH+MONOPOLI+TEL AVIV+COVERSANO+ CASTELLANA, early September and end in October 2013

– for Curt, Nicolina, Lou, Lukaš, Jana, Danielle, Orlando, Massi, Sisa, Salvi, Märle, Luks, Enrico, Nichi and Frankie2, and therefore all_28_10_2013_Polignano a Mare_tOmi Scheiderbauer

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50 € plus shipping – lets e-mail please..

FINE I.J.Print on 220 gr. matt paper in cardboard tube, 78 x 119 cm / 200 dpi / CMYK / 140 MB

Text written at the bottom:
as above – plus my signature + your name (drawn, not written)
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* special tisíc díky to Lukaš Beneš
without whom I never would come up with such stupid ideas!
without whom i never could have relized it.

IL DAILY JETZT  – the daily now / l’adesso quotidiano / das tägliche jetzt


                             The mind has to be empty to see clearly.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


The only days I don’t feel fine is yesterday and tomorrow.

Dalai Lama



Il Daily Jetzt is a fruit of what i am doing since years on www.calcaxy.coms homepage:an exercise on spontaneity and re_spons_ability in close cooperation with daily life. moments which are choosing me, more than the other way around. if an image is taken before the ‘word-mind’ can interact with its moment and construct the conflict of deciding on ‘point of view’, ‘detail’, etc., than taking an image is not a decision, but a “free act”, a response to now: now says: “now?” and the finger on the trigger says: “now!”. of course this doesn’t always work as present and free as it sounds, but this v-blog is literally reflecting on this practice.


..later, on the screen when the ‘now’ appears as a light-spot-abstraction, the image and I look at each other and the practice continues: all transformations on contrast, colors, detail (but no filters) and adding a small text (if spontaneously one pops up) are not decided but “made before”. this is why these images don’t follow any theme, style, or ideology, but renew the practice of attention from now to now.


this i can say about the first 1000 images – but then i needed to change and to deepen this practice (and made it also obvious by enlarging the image-width to 1200 pixel), because everytime more i felt that i wanted to interact graphically with the photography. so these images – which i want to call IL THEN & WHEN COTIDIANO – are the same, but ‘double’ in the sense of the first touch/view/photo and the second touch/projection/graphic.


Living in Italy, having german as my mother-tongue and giving

you the ‘nows’ in english brought me to this sites title.

tOmi s. _ Lecce, Salento / 2016

I want to dedicate this site to Francesca ‘Chicca’ Eugeni, who

is making me understand that ‘now’ and ‘love’ are synonyms.


Thanks to Pamela Campagna, Teresa Alonso Novo, David Cañavate Cazorla and

Lukaŝ Beneŝ to have encourged me to start this project! Thanks to Jana Hadravová

for programing this site and making the updates as easy as possible for me!